Vocals start to appear…

Fisherman's Camp Kodhi team pic

Hugo Ross, Trevor Warren, Isaac Gem, Ayub Ogada, Sean Ross and Kiraka

My idea of Fisherman’s Camp as a quiet sanctuary soon evaporates. Monkeys scrabble about on the roof of our hut and workmen seem intent on felling as many trees as possible next door.

Luckily, the Ross family come to our rescue and offer us the den that is attached to the side of their nearby house.

We start recording the vocals, slowly at first, but I know it’s going to be good. Ayub puts down 3 tracks that day, all pretty much off the cuff, but they make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I start to think we may have an album.

So our final day at Naivasha arrives. We start early and all goes well. We record about seven vocal tracks that day. Ayub of course, more of Isaac for backing, me on a few tracks and even Sean and his son Hugo have a go too for fun.

Ayub Ogada recording vocals at Fisherman's Camp

Ayub Ogada recording vocals

Sean and his dog Kiraka

Sean and his dog Kiraka

Meanwhile Sean’s wife Julia snaps many of the photos on this blog and website.

Sean tells us that at one point he was watching us work from the garden and saw two fish eagles perched above us, apparently watching the proceedings. He wanted to tell us at the time but said he felt he couldn’t disturb the process.

A good omen I thought, though I would have loved to have seen them myself. Maybe they were our guardian angels.

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