Bird watching and toe stubbing…

Marabou Stork At Fisherman's Camp

Marabou Stork

After a bit of debate, we check in at Fishermans, a camp site next to Lake Naivasha run by an Englishman, one Sean Ross and family. We have a sleepy-eyed breakfast in the cafe there and I’m finally warming up, only to then get bitten by mosquitoes the size of bats! Still, the wooden chalet we have rented seems nice and the place appears quiet enough to record.

I go for a little walk around. There is a Marabou stork wandering about, and we are right next to the lake which is impressive, with countless other birds flying around or on the lake itself. I have become a bird lover in my ‘old’ age, and am just thinking I have actually finally arrived in Paradise when I look up to watch a beautiful yellow sun bird ….and then smash my toe into a partially hidden root. Pain shoots through my foot and I have to hobble back to the room.

Ayub Ogada, Issac Gem and Trevor Warren

Trevor, Isaac and Ayub having a laugh at Fisherman’s Camp

When I’ve peeled off my sock I discover I am bleeding and have bent the end of the nail on my left big toe right back. I call Ayub on the mobile and he comes to my rescue laughing and saying: “You shouldn’t be left on your own”.┬áLuckily he is the son of a doctor and he skilfully cuts off the nail, applies disinfectant and a bandage but then notices I have an infection on the other foot… my flip flops had been rubbing and I’d ignored it, dirt must have got in and well, this is Africa.

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