Day off and finishing basic tracks

Back at his place, Ayub and I stay up late into the night talking. It even rains a bit as Ayub tries to get me to play guitar all night for him.

1am – I fall into bed, only to be awakened at 6am with diarrhoea. My first and only of the trip thankfully – probably attributable to the buttermilk I had drunk before bed. Luckily that day was our first day off so Ayub and I just chilled and wandered around Mlolongo, his neighbourhood, playing pool (2-1 England!).

Thursday, and the strain is beginning to show a bit. This is the end of the first week and the pressure is building. Although we have some music down, we need more, and we definitely need some vocals added to make this trip worthwhile.

mlolongo smaller
We decide to try and get away from Nairobi as staying at Alan’s is not practical. Setting up each day plus the drive is hard going. The Rift Valley is suggested as a possible 3 or 4 day retreat to finish off the recording. This gets no complaint from me.
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