On the way to Alan Donovan’s again. This involves a half hour drive out of Nairobi on the Mombasa road. Ayub informs me we are to pick up his friend, Isaac Gem, who will be helping us throughout the project. Isaac is not only a great guy, but a great musician, composer, engineer, and filmmaker. In fact, it turned out that he would also help keep me sane during┬ásome of the crazier moments of my adventures here.

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Along this road, near to Alan’s, there is a weigh-bridge. The trucks going between Nairobi and Mombasa have to stop and be checked here and that can take up to a week. So, little by little, a town called Mlolongo, has grown up to serve their needs while they hang around waiting. We stop to pick up supplies but the random burning rubbish fires are choking. I’m very glad when we finally leave and get to Alan’s.

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